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Body Armor, Papua New Guinea and Papua (Irian Jaya), Indonesia

[Stiff, vest-like, New Guinea cane body armor, collected near Wamena, Irian Jaya, Indonesia: 15k]

Figure 1: New Guinea cane body armor, collected near Wamena, Papua (Irian Jaya), Indonesia.

Body armor was common in the West Sepik and Western Provinces in PNG and is still used in the Highlands of Papua (Irian Jaya). This cane body armor is like a thick, stiff, sleeveless shirt.

[New Guinea body armor knotted from string made from tree bark: 18k]

Figure 2: New Guinea knotted string body armor, collected in Papua (Irian Jaya), Indonesia.

This second armor is woven from string made from the inner bark of a tree. The knotting uses variations on a continuous figure-8 technique. The string is twisted as the work progresses. The bands of different colors on the upper part of the vest are created from orchid vine wrapped around the central core of tree bark string.

Figure 3: Detail of the different knotting techniques used in the vest.

[Detail of New Guinea body armor showing knotting technique: 27k]

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