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[Art Dealer in the Last Unknown, Ron Perry and New Guinea Art, the early years, 1963 - 1974, by Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry: 193k]

Art Dealer in the Last Unknown
Ron Perry and New Guinea Art
the early years: 1964 - 1973

by Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry

Join Ron in the jungles of New Guinea on his search for tribal art

320 pages of adventure, over 450 early photographs

"Who else can tell you these stories?" Raymond Weilgus
"Beautifully written...." Don Carson, retired head of the School of Journalism, University of Arizona

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[Bena Bena couple, Highlands, New Guinea]

[New Guinea Tribal Art eGuide, by Carolyn Leigh: 75k]

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[Abelam yam ceremony statues, Maprik Hills, New Guinea]

"This large-format paperback is packed with field photographs and notes made by veteran tribal art dealer Ron Perry and compiled with his wife and companion on many adventures, Carolyn Leigh .... Perry traveled to hundreds of villages and collected both traditional and transitional art in huge quantities, some of it of museum quality and some hitherto unknown to the Western art world.

"As the authors rightly point out, many books and papers have been produced on tribal art and collections ... but seldom have the field collectors written about their own experiences. This book, plus the second volume dealing with the ten years following independence and a third covering their time together collecting on both sides of the island, begins to fill this gap in the literature."

from the review in Tribal Art, XVI:1 - #62 Winter 2011

"... the book is enlivened with hundreds of black and white photographs with informative captions and all sorts of ephemera ... Ron has hoarded. And of course, by his memories of people - both black and white - and the occasional outstanding artefact.

"It is a book you can either read right through or dip in and out of. You could just about open it on any page and find an interesting photograph to look at or one of the many text boxes to investigate on the side of the page - snippets of information including newspaper reports of the times and notes on well know ex-pat personalities and tribal customs."

from David Said's review for the Oceanic Arts Society Newsletter, Vol.16 No. 3

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