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Indonesian Puppets

[Wayang golek male puppet, his hat has a red-bearded face carved on the back: 16k]

Wayang literally means shadow, but refers to all types of puppet theater. Java has three types of puppets.

Figure 1: Wayang golek rod puppet from Java dressed in a silk jacket with beaded epaulets and gold braid.

Figure 2: Dorsono, a wayang kulit shadow puppet from Java.

[Wayang kulit puppet: 17k]

Other Indonesian puppets:

[Flat wooden female wayang klitik puppet: 15k]

The puppet master, the dalang, manipulates his set of 100 to 500 shadow puppets, or 65 to 70 rod puppets, during a performance that often lasts all night.

Figure 3: Wayang klitik puppet from Java.

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