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Masks, sculpture, body art, puppets, wood carving, furniture, fiber art and textiles: Melanesian tribal art (New Guinea artifacts, Solomon Islands artefacts) and folk art from Indonesia and China

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We are not posting new articles at the moment - explore the many pages on New Guinea art, Indonesian folk art and Bai textiles already on the site.

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[Art Dealer in the Last Unknown, Ron Perry and New Guinea Art, the early years, 1963 - 1974, by Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry: 193k]

Art Dealer in the Last Unknown
Ron Perry and New Guinea Art
the early years: 1964 - 1973

by Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry

Join Ron in the jungles of New Guinea on his search for tribal art

320 pages of adventure, over 450 early photographs

Available at the show or order now:

[New Guinea Tribal Art eGuide, by Carolyn Leigh: 75k]

New Guinea Tribal Art eGuide

by Carolyn Leigh with Ron Perry and Doug Mehaffey

Find out about your fabulous piece of New Guinea tribal art. The eGuide provides quick info about New Guinea art and art areas with links to more information. The eGuide contains over 130 photographs and 10 maps, plus adventure photos from Ron's explorations in New Guinea.

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Artifacts on this site were collected in the field by my husband, Ron Perry. I take the photographs, do the html, text and maps. Background in Who We Are. Art-Pacific has been on the WWW since 1996. We hope you enjoy our New Guinea tribal art and Indonesian folk art as much as we do. by Carolyn Leigh is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-ND 4.0